Born in Barcelona on the 6th of June of 1990 and raised along with my sister —Marta Fossas PastorMy beloved elder sister. She has a degree in sociologia and she has great skills as speaker.Her motto is… “Happy Beerday” — in the working class district of Poblenou I am proud to say that my parents: Carme Pastor AnellMy mother, a craftwoman and artist who has dedicated her entire life to restoring antique furnitures. She also works as a teacher showing future generations the art of restoration. and Jordi Fossas BonjochMy father, who has a Bachelor of Architecture and amateur historian. He has worked with famous architects such as: Álvaro Siza, Oriol Bohigas, Garcés&Soria and Enric Steegmann. have always inspired me to take the right path in life. To some extent, I consider them resposnibles too of my achivements and goals in life. The three of them have taught me what I consider to be the real values of life: discipline, perseverance, effort and sacrifice. A code of ethics that have always guided me and will do for the rest of my life.

A part from having recieved a very good education form my parents I also give credit for my education to the scholar institutions that I have attended during my youth like Escola Casas. The fact that I did not enjoy my secondary school years in Joan Manuel Zafra to the same extent that some of my friends did put me through several difficult situations that in the end, helped me to believe more in myself. At the age of seventeen I had no clue what to do with my life yet, but everything changed when I found graphic design. For the first time in my life I found something I loved doing and my prespective on life changed for the better. From that moment onwards I saw things clearly. That was the time when I decided to apply for Escola Industrial de Barcelona where I did learn a great deal of what I know today about arts and graphic design.

My first job was working as a prepress technician for the offset printer company calledÍndice. It was in this company —where thanks Fernando Cativela  At the young age of 14 years old he began cleaning a printing press and over the years he learned each of the printing process steps: binding and post-production, printer and finally he became the manager of the prepress sector.See recommendation , manager of the pre-press sector— I had the chance to put into practice some of my knowledge regarding the subject: Image quality, Image keeping characteristics and print and paper processing. Later on I decided to continue expanding my professional skills as a Graphic Designer in the school la Escola Llotja de Barcelona where I applied for an undergraduate degree in Graphic advertising and graphic design. I finished my studies back in 2013 when I handed my final degree project, a corporaty identity project for la Torre de les Aigües. While completing my undergraduate degree I worked for the yearly journal magazine Icària which covers the historical Barcelona district of Poble Nou It was then that I had the chance to work with Josep Sarsanedas Benguerel Former editorial designer, He worked for the studio named Sarnsanedas-Azcunze-Ventura. He was specialized in editorial design and one of his biggest customers was Enciclopèdia Catalana. See recommendation . After receiving two degrees and work experience in the publishing sector, I decided that the moment had come to work in a studio. I sent my curriculum vitae to some of the most prominent design studios in Barcelona yet received no replies. Though it was disappointing and frustrating I did not give up until several months later I got an Interview for a graphic design studio named Dr. Rotwailer. I passed the interview and I started working for them. The studio was specialized in designing corporate identities for restaurants and was directed by Josep Maria Guinart. By the time I was working for Dr. Rotwailer a web developer called Carlos Narro Diego offered me a job as web developer. Despite desiring greatly to take the chance and apply for this job I had to refuse the offer. I gave my word to Josep that I would stay with them no matter what and that was exacly what I did. However I kept in touch with Carlos for future colaborations. A few months later I contacted Carlos and I told him that I would accept his offer as long as I could mantain my old job. Carlos agreed and in a matter of a few days I found myself surrounded by new coworkers, a new workplace and a new job in development. I started working as web developer for the web design comany called Montaweb. Along with Carlos and two other associates: Joan Sanchez y Enric Marco we founded the collective Relabtive and we did specialize in web and software developent. I left them in 2014 because we had different approaches and diferent ways of working.

Nowadays I work as a freelance graphic designer and web developer. Between my recent works I would highlight two collaborations: one with the advertising agency called Morrison and the other one with Somos Estudio. I am currently twenty four years old and I could say that my ultimate goal in life apart from improving my skills as graphic designer is to learn about everything that surrounds me.


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Professionally speaking I like to experience with different fields and I like to combine different techniques and technologies in a creative way. I love to give my best in every project that I am involved. Despite I think that working under pressure is not profitable for either the company or the employer but I deal well with it. I’m not afraid when it comes to assuming responsibilities. I like to reach the right design in every situation. I define myself as: self-critical, hard-working, methodical, analytical and curious. Currently I’m improving my knowledge in the following things: javascript, jQuery, PHP, processing, OpenFrameworks, 3D, rendering, animation, motion graphics and portrait photography.


Personally I’ve always taken great care of my body and diet. I love to play sports and usually I do cardio exercices form Monday to Friday by spending 45 minutes on my exercise bicycle after dinner. I love music but I have never planned to study it yet I have to recognise that I cannot spend one single day without listening to some...I wish I could sing! I am calm, respectful, responsible, polite. Cold hands, warm heart. Shy of those who lose along the way.

«Capacidad de trabajo. Minucioso. Buen conocedor de los procesos de maquetación, artes finales y de todos los procesos de impresión.»

«Además de una gran capacidad de aprendizaje, Eduard demostró en todo momento, durante su estancia en Índice, una gran adaptabilidad a la hora de afrontar tareas, rapidez y fiabilidad. Un buen fichaje para cualquier departamento de preimpresión dada su versatilidad, tanto en la manipulación de archivos como en su posterior tratamiento para la imposición.»